Our Programmes

Jade One runs prepaid programmes for several high-profile organisations.


Dubai Airport (DXB)

Jade’s flagship program is with Dubai Airport and is branded ‘DXB Connect’, after the airport code, DXB. Jade has an exclusive 5-year contract to sell and distribute prepaid programs in the airport. The combined resources of MasterCard® and Dubai Airport provide high profile awareness to the product in a location that manages in excess of 65 million passengers per annum, the largest passenger volume of any airport, globally.

The program has two cards. A single load card and an unrestricted reloadable card. Both are instantly issued on Jades activation system. The DXB Connect TravelPak is an innovative one-stop shop solution for the business or recreational traveller. It contains three elements:

  • A prepaid reloadable MasterCard®
  • A prepaid preloaded mobile phone SIM card
  • In-region and global discounts

Unique features of DXB Connect:

  • is the first and only prepaid airport product
  • is instant issue and available off the shelf
  • is the only prepaid product sold as part of a dedicated travel pack
  • high value discounts with leading brands

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