Transforming event spending

Amongst the huge amount of lost property handed in at Glastonbury every year there are around 400 wallets. That’s 400 people whose experience has been spoilt. It’s also 400 more wallets than anyone needs at a Jade One event.

Our RFID / NFC wristbands not only allow for event entry, but they can also be loaded with funds to pay for food, drink, merchandise and anything else you care to sell.

Our wristbands can be preloaded with funds when people buy their ticket and topped up in a variety of ways. We’ll work with you to create the best environment to suit your event.

Benefits of cashless:

Organiser Customer
No cash floats No cash required
Quicker transactions = more transactions Quicker transactions
No theft / fraud Less queueing
NFC encourages spend Easy top-up
Cheaper than cash transactions Control spending

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